"I've been ordering custom videos from the amazingly talented Lizzy James for about a year now, and I've had an amazing experience, Lizzy knows how to make a perfect custom video, her attention to detail and her ability to add a special flair to each custom video makes me constantly want to come back for more, she is one of the most open-minded and accepting people I've ever ordered from, she is honestly so sweet and by ordering from her, it has helped build my confidence in the ABDL scene, you will not regret ordering from Lizzy"

"Miss Lizzy is fantastic!! She is so good at treating littles with the utmost respect and kindness. Her sessions are too a tee what you want and deserve! Her custom videos are just as satisfying! Just one lesson in discipline from her and she'll keep you forever! No matter how sweet or naughty you prefer!"

"I just wanted to tell you again how much fun I had today. I’ve had many session with others and this was by far the best. Being that you’re so knowledgeable and involved in ABDL gave you the understanding on how an AB feels and that was what made this truly special. Can’t wait until next time!!!"

"I reached out to Lizzy for a role-playing session where she was a top and I was the bottom. Lizzy's communication before hand was thorough and very responsive. On the day of when I arrived Lizzy was very welcoming and went over the session details before we began to make sure we had covered everything. With Lizzy's skill-set, energy, and enthusiasm the session itself delivered beyond my expectations in every way. I will be coming back for future sessions and would highly recommend."

"I found Lizzy James (LJ) on Twitter about a month ago and I was very impressed with how inviting, expressive, and lively her page was. Little did I know the creator of the page would have all of those traits and then some. I've had a few sessions with other models, but none of them have given me the experience that LJ has. It's no wonder she's always busy and has so many fans and clients because she is very good at what she does. Unlike most of her other clients, my fetish isn't in the realm of what her specialty is. However, that didn't matter at all. From the moment I reached out to her through email about a tickling and foot fetish session, she was nothing but open minded and inclusive to entertaining the idea.

The good vibes and energy I got from the email responses and her page were exponentially increased when I talked to her in a video chat session for the first time. Not only did she make me feel accepted and included but she embraced my fetish proposal and was genuinely eager and enthusiastic to accept this journey of helping me further explore it. To say I was excited about the session from the moment I logged off of the video chat would be a huge understatement. I made all the preparations I could before the session because I wanted to do my best to match the same amount of effort she had put into my whole experience. In between that time her communication was on point, very responsive, and reassuring the fact that I was in for one of the best experiences of my life.

When the day finally came, even though I was a little nervous during our initial in person meeting due to the fact that I wasn't quite ready, she did a fantastic job of putting me at ease and helping me relax. During the session she was very engaging, upbeat, excited, inquisitive and entertaining. She did her absolute best to meet me where I was even though it was a new experience for her.She also not only applauded me for my creativity she also came up with a few ideas and insight of her own to help enhance the experience. This was the first time I was in a session where I not only felt like my kink was not only accepted, but interesting and cool.

The session went a lot faster than both of us would have liked because we were both having such a good time. When it was all said and done it was clear that had both made an impact and would walk away with a new appreciation for the new experience we just had. After my session with LJ I had a feeling of satisfaction and euphoria that surpassed that of all the other sessions I had before on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. I can't thank her enough for the one-of-a-kind interaction (not just transaction) she's given to me. I hope to work again with her in the future soon and I would implore anyone who has the opportunity and is considering working with her to do so. You will have no regrets!"

"When you look for an incredible domme experience, the detail that makes or breaks a scene is chemistry and chemistry is where Miss Lizzy excels at. From the first conversation to aftercare and goodbyes, Miss Lizzy exemplifies all the best there is in a bdsm mistress. You help design the scenes, choose the tools, the outfits and work with Miss Lizzy in crafting the dream scene you fantasize about every night. You will enter her domain and immediately feel you can drop every wall you have and watch your nervousness or anxiety melt away. Like other experienced dommes, Miss Lizzy does not make you feel like a customer or a number.

You are a team Want a kind and compassionate mommy? She's has that. Want someone to paddle you into submission while they gleefully giggle? She's has that too. Want vicious and mean delivering lash after lash...OH BOY does she have that! Whether you want to put on a diaper, be paddled, be covered in slime, worship feet or ass, marked or not, Miss Lizzy is the genuine domme and you will not regret being in her dominion and experiencing a plethora of activities , tasks and tools."

"I've always been meaning to shop Miss Lizzy James' store. So when I stumbled upon Philadelphia's blue eyed sassy girl next door's cheerleader audition; http://apclips.com/elizabethjames91/dirty-cheerleader-audition my procrastinating ended immediately! A 5 Star Classic this IS! NOT TO BE MISSED!"